Furniture - Chair - Rar Rocking - Eames

Rocking Chair by Charles and Ray Eames. Produced by Vitra.

In the early 1940's the Eames, Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1989), had the chance to experiment with new methods of bending plywood in the work they did for the navy wartime effort. They applied these techniques to their furniture design.

The RAR (rocking armchair rod) has a moulded fibreglass-reinforced polyester seat and an eiffel tower base with birch wood rockers on the bottom. It is said that the RAR rockers were originally gifts to herman miller employees who just had newborns!

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Furniture - Chair - Tulip - Saarinen

Chair Tulip by Eero Saarinen. Produced by Knoll. In his purist approach to design, Finnish-born Eero Saarinen sought out the essential idea and reduced it to the most effective structural solution. He designed the 1956 Tulip chair in terms of its setting, rather than a particular shape. "In any design problem, one should seek the solution in terms of the next largest thing." he said. "If the problem is a chair, then its solution must be found in the way it relates to the room..." In the Tulip, Saarinen realized his ideal of formal unity: "Every significant piece of furniture has a holistic structure."

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Furniture - Chair - Planet - Dysthe

Chair Planet by Sven Ivar Dysthe. Manufacturer: Variér Furniture

Some seriously 60s looks and that's no coincidence - the Planet chair by Sven Ivar Dysthe was designed back in 1965. Designed as an elegant and functional armchair, it rotates as you'd expect, but it has something more - a patented mechanism that allows you to tilt the seat forwards and backwards. Complete freedom if you like.

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Furniture - Chair - Cherner - Norman Cherner

Cherner Chair by Norman Cherner. Produced by The Cherner Chair Company.

The 1958 molded plywood armchair by Norman Cherner a midcentury icon found in design collections worldwide is available to a new generation of furniture collectors. Reissued in exacting detail from the original drawings and molds, the armchair combines the best of both molded plywood and solid bent wood construction. Like the original, made entirely in the U.S.A.

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Child-sized-Furniture - Chair - Ottoman - Charles - Ray Eames

Child-sized replica Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames. Produced by Vitra.

Every detail in the workmanship has been carefully overseen to mirror the designer's original, creating such a perfect likeness to the classic Eames lounge chair - it never fails to bring a smile to your face. dimensions (in.) chair 24.8w x 23.6d x 24.8h ottoman 19.3w x 16.9d x 14.6h.

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Furniture - Chair - Spanish - Borge Mogensen

Spanish Chair by Borge Mogensen. Produced by Fredericia Furniture.


The Spanish Chair is Borge Mogensen’s (Wikipedia) masterly interpretation of a traditional type of chair often found in areas influenced by ancient Islamic culture – from Andalusia to northern India.

Mogensen drew inspiration from a trip to Spain in 1958. He modernised the shape, eliminating the elaborate carvings while retaining the important feature: the broad armrests that give the chair character and provide a practical place to put a glass or cup. The combination of oak and butt leather gives a strong, rustic appearance.

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Furniture - Chair - Egg - Arne Jacobsen

The birth of the Egg - designed by Arne Jacobsen


The Egg is a chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. It is manufactured by Fritz Hansen.


The Egg was designed in a typical Jacobsen style, where there was no fear of pushing the material to its limit, and often using entirely new materials to make his designs come true. See how the chair is made in this video.


It is believed to be inspired by Eero Saarinens "Womb chair", from which it gains some traits. In many respects, though, the Egg is a much more complete design.

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Kitchen - Refrigerator - SmegFab


Refrigerator by Smeg. Aren’t you bored of seeing the old and boring colors of your refrigerator! And, if you said yes, then we have some good options for you! SMEG has some great, colorful refrigerators in their catalogue. They have many retro styles available, but, the pick is the one with Union Jack flag design.

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Home - Accessories - Vase - Aalto

Alvor Aalto´s Savoy vase produced by iittala is one of the most famous vases in history. Designed in 1936 for a competition at the Paris Worlds Fair, Finnish architect and furniture designer Alvar Aalto anonymously entered and won the competition for his vase under the pseudonym Eskimo woman's leather breeches.

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Lighting - Collage - Louise Campbell


The Collage pendant Lamp by Louise Campbell, produced by Louis Poulsen, offering direct & diffused illumination emits a constantly changing reveal. It is one of the most striking lamps in the Louis Poulsen modern lighting collection.

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